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Australia's only political party dedicated to protecting all animals.

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) was formed in response to the growing number of Australians who feel strongly that much more needs to be done through the parliamentary system to assist the wellbeing of animals. 

The AJP believes there is a need for laws that recognise animals’ needs, capabilities and interests - whether that's farm animals, our native wildlife or beloved pets.

As a political party, our role is to run in council, state and federal elections and to ensure laws are created and enforced to achieve genuine justice for animals.

With two Members of Parliament and two Councillors elected, the Party is already taking huge steps forward for animals - holding the government to account, and introducing bills and motions to end animal cruelty. 

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Without the Animal Justice Party, animals would have no representation in Australia’s political system, leading to unchecked cruelty, abuse and exploitation. Every additional Member means added strength, funds and political capital for...

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As the only political party dedicated to ending animal cruelty, it's crucial that we can continue giving a political voice to animals. We'll be putting everything into getting Senators elected across Australia, continuing the fight to Ban Live Animal Export and pressing for urgent action on environmental issues. Can you chip in?

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