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Ask your local MP and Senators where they stand on ending live sheep export

Live export is back on the political agenda and we need your help to keep it there.

In May 2022, the Albanese Labor government was elected with a promise to end the live sheep trade, in which millions of animals suffer severely during torrid journeys - only to face terrifying, fully conscious slaughter at their destinations. 

While the end of the live sheep trade is welcome news, the Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister have said that they do not envisage it ending before 2025 (i.e., not in the government’s current three-year term) - a statement that condemns millions more sheep to avoidable suffering on board filthy, hot, live export ships.

The Albanese government has so far made no commitment to an end date for the trade, or to legislating one in this term of government.

Email your local MP and Senators to ask where they stand on ending live export.


Please note: Your letter will have more impact if you personalise it - for example by writing your own headline and adding your own introduction or comments.