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National Donations

Your contribution helps us fight for animals.

As the only political party dedicated to ending animal cruelty, it's crucial that we can continue giving a political voice to animals.

From barbaric live animal export, greyhound racing, recreational duck hunting and the commercial slaughter of kangaroos...

... To puppy farms, industry-scale factory farming and the survival of koalas...

Animals need our voice.

Other parties have huge corporate donors - but we are just a grassroots minor party.

We rely on regular donations to be able to stand Federal Election candidates, grow the animal protection message, launch advocacy campaigns, and ultimately achieve our goal of ending animal cruelty.

Your generosity helped us to put pressure on the major parties to make much-needed legislative changes to better protect animals.

Can you chip in to help us continue our life-saving work?

Donation Information

Donations to our Federal Election Campaign account are subject to the following conditions:

  • Disclosure requirements apply if you have donated over $16,300 within a financial year under the provisions of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918
  • Donations may be made by a business with an Australian Business Number
  • Foreign donations over $100 cannot be accepted
  • Further information on funding and disclosure found here

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Wish to donate a significant amount? Please contact us directly by emailing us at [email protected]