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Worldwide First: Dutch Party for the Animals first animal rights party ever to take step to governance

Feel-good news from our sister Party in the Netherlands

The Dutch Party for the Animals has achieved a world first as the first animal rights party to ever take the groundbreaking step from opposition to governance.

This history-making move comes after the Party grew strongly the last municipal election. In several large cities, the AJP's sister Party was even able to secure an impressive 10% of votes.

Now, after successful negotiations, the Dutch Party for the Animals "will join the daily municipal board of two large cities in the Netherlands: Arnhem and Groningen. Elsewhere, in Amersfoort and Almere, negotiations are still ongoing: the Party for the Animals still stands a chance to co-govern in these cities as well.

The two aldermen, or vice-mayors, whom the party has brought forward to join the municipal executives, are the first-ever politicians from a party for animal rights, nature, and the climate worldwide to sit on the daily board of an administration. All other of the 190 locally, regionally and nationally elected representatives of the Party for the Animals and its sister parties from around the world exert their influence from within the opposition – or, in the case of MEP Anja Hazekamp, from within the European Parliament in Brussels."

Clearly, the Party for the Animals has left its mark. Dutch municipalities are now seeing a social, planet-wide vision which strongly emphasises the importance of protecting animals, nature and the environment.

"On a local level, this entails policies that promote equal opportunities for all, investing more in animal welfare, and acknowledging the severity of the climate and biodiversity crises and to act accordingly.
It entails policies that reduce energy consumption, pesticides and over-fertilisation, invest in the transition towards plant-based food patterns, and shorten the chain from farm to fork.
It means plans that reinforce nature, animal welfare and ecological values, and opt for animal- friendly solutions to situations where humans and animals get in each other’s way."

Both coalitions have also promised to no longer chase economic growth as a goal in and of itself, but instead to focus on the wellbeing and prosperity for both humans and animals while keeping within the Earth’s boundaries.

The Animal Justice Party extends its congratulations to the Dutch Party for the Animals, and will continue to work with other animal protection parties across the world to grow our movement to protect animals and nature.

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