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Act Now: Our Guide to Expressing Outrage at the Live Export Industry

Come with us as we confront the live export industry head-on! Our guide is specifically designed to empower you to take direct action by demonstrating at the office of your local Labor MP.

Our guide offers strategic insights on how to effectively express your outrage and demand change. Accompanied by a persuasive letter template for MPs, we provide you with resources to directly advocate for an end to the suffering caused by live animal export.

Let's hold those in power accountable and push for immediate legislative action.

Visiting Your Local Federal MP's Office: A Guide to Expressing Outrage at the Live Export Industry

1. Prepare :

  • Gather friends, members and supporters - we can put you in touch with other local members who may join you for a small, peaceful action at your local MPs.
  • Going alone with a poster is also a powerful action.

2. Create Your Poster:

  • Use bold and attention-grabbing visuals to convey your message.
  • Include powerful slogans or statements condemning the live export industry.
  • Click here for downloadable posters you can print out.
  • Click here for info on making your own.
  • Ensure your poster is legible and impactful from a distance.

3. Schedule Your Visit:

  • Pick a time that suits you and your group if you have one - doesn't matter if a weekend or a weekday.
  • Deliver a letter - click here for letter template - if on a weekday enter the office and politely hand it to the office receptionist if it is a weekend slip it under the door.

4. Gather Your Materials:

  • Bring your poster and letter along with any additional materials or information supporting your cause.

5. Take Photos and videos:

  • Take a photo outside the office with you, your poster and the name of the MP - most MP Offices have a huge photo of themselves and their name so should be easy to capture
  • Take lots of photos! and if you can make a video or a reel too.

6. Post on Social Media:

  • Share your photo on social media platforms along with a caption detailing your visit and message.
  • Use relevant hashtags to amplify your message and reach a broader audience. Please use #banliveexport and #legislatethedate
  • Tag your Local Federal MP and encourage others to take action or join your cause.

7. Send your photo/video to us!

  • Email to your state's team
  • Message to our social State &/or National pages

By following these steps, you can effectively express your outrage and disgust at the continuation of the live export industry and advocate for meaningful change.

Your voice matters, and together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals.

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