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Our Wins in 2022!

In 2022, we continued to prove our strength as a political force... and made huge changes for animals.

Here's a shortlist of our wins for animals this year:

  • Outlawed convenience killing in NSW pounds. Now Councils must try to rehome every animal who comes into the pound.
  • Passed a motion for 'Veticare' in Victoria, to create a public healthcare system for animals.
  • Won laboratory animals the ‘Right to Release’ from experimentation in NSW. Cats and dogs abused in research will now have a chance at life.
  • Banned animal abusers from working with animals in NSW...
  • ...And amended the Working With Children Check so they cannot work with children either.
  • Shut down a kangaroo slaughterhouse proposal.
  • Protected Victorian koalas through funding for ongoing research and rehabilitation.
  • Secured millions for investment into plant-based meat production in Victoria.
  • Banned 1080 and Strychnine in Campbelltown.
  • Stood up for Nature Reserves, animal respite care and Grey-Headed Flying Fox camps in Bendigo Council.
  • Secured tens of millions of dollars for upgrades to wildlife shelters and support for wildlife carers and rescuers.
  • Ran a record number of Parliamentary inquiries into animal protection in NSW on: puppy farming, animal experimentation, animal protection laws and enforcement of animal cruelty laws.
  • Banned bestiality and animal crush videos in NSW.
  • Advocated for animals in family violence situations, securing funding for 'Safe Steps'.

Powerful actions you helped us achieve

Our fight for animals isn't confined to Parliament!

This year you helped us achieve powerful wins for animals through both online and in-person actions:

  • We launched a massive global campaign against Nike's use of kangaroo skin, with in-person protests at Nike stores and Environment Minister offices all across the country, from Victoria to the ACT and NSW to Queensland.

  • We ran a mammoth Federal Election campaign, a record-breaking state election campaign in Victoria and both a SA state AND council election campaigns (both outstanding!).

  • In the week before the Federal Election, we mounted pressure on Labor to take a stance on live export. We demanded live export be placed on the political agenda, with rallies across the country. Within three days, Labor announced an election promise to phase out live sheep export...
    Now we have to pressure them into to actually keeping this promise.

  • We launched campaigns and events to raise awareness of greyhound racing, fish farming, duck shooting, wildlife slaughter and more.

  • Thanks to you, we pressured Tourism Australia to drop their hypocritical “Ruby Roo” mascot only 12 days after they launched it. Your dedicated participation in our online campaign showed the Australian Government they can't hide the truth!

What's next?

2022 has been a huge year for the Animal Justice Party.

But each year, we continue to grow and our visions get bigger and bolder.

In 2023, we plan to contest a NSW State Election and retain our seat in Parliament.

We'll keep bringing animal issues to the front of the political agenda in Parliament and Council, and build our community movement to affect change in the areas that matter most.

To do this, we need you.

Every single new member and every single donation helps our MPs and Councillors in their fight.

And you can join for as little as $22/year!

Thank you to each one of you for your support this year, and we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a wonderful summer break.

We particularly extend our well wishes to your non-human family – the companion animals you care for in your home, and the wildlife you co-habit with in your neighbourhood. Thank you for looking after them, and looking out for them.

Until next year,

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