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Our Submission to the "Threat Abatement Plan for the Predation of Feral Cats" Consultation

The AJP Submission to the "Draft Updated Threat Abatement Plan for Predation by Feral Cats" Consultation is now available here.

The draft plan detailed the Federal Environment Minister's plan to manage cats by culling them with poison baits.

We know that culling with poison baits is both cruel and ineffective. Past attempts at 'culling' have resulted in cat populations actually increasing, as well as native wildlife being the victims of poisoning.

And yet, successive governments fall back on the same old short-sighted solution -- because real solutions are either too costly, or require actual long-term strategy.

All interested parties were invited to make a written submission to the consultation process. The closing date for submissions was 3th Dec 2023.

The Animal Justice Party contributed a 44-page submission to this consultation.

You can download and read our full submission below.

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