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Your New Board of Directors

In November 2023, our Voting Members elected nine people to the Board of Directors.

Tasked with guiding the next two years of the Animal Justice Party, the new Board brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from across the entire spectrum of animal advocacy.

Please join us in welcoming the entire Board of Directors. We wish them every success as they work to strengthen the Party and, ultimately, bring animals to the forefront of the political agenda.

You can read more about each member of our Board of Directors here.

A Message from the President, Louise Pfeiffer

We are enthralled to announce that Louise Pfeiffer will lead the Board as President of the Animal Justice Party. Louise has dedicated over a decade to animal protection and social justice, with seven years of active involvement in the Party as Vice-President, State Convenor, and lead candidate in the 2022 South Australian State Election.

With sincere appreciation, I express my thanks to the Delegates for entrusting me with the role of President of the Animal Justice Party. This responsibility reinforces my commitment to advocating for the rights and welfare of those who are here with us, not for us.

I am mindful of the confidence placed in me to guide our Party into the future — championing the voiceless, opposing cruelty, and endorsing policies aligned with our dedication to animal rights. My aim is to lead us towards a world where animal well-being is a primary consideration of policymakers, rather than a hard-fought battle traditionally undertaken by members like yourselves.

I would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to those Directors who are not returning for this term. Thank you to Angela Pollard, Stephen Tolley, Leah Horsfall and Max Roy for the time and energy you have so selflessly given to our cause.

A bit about me..!

I spent most of my life politically agnostic until a pivotal moment, when I realised the live export industry was still thriving long after attending a massive rally in Melbourne in 2011.

Combined with concerns about animal agriculture and its impact on climate change (why weren't the Greens addressing this?), I joined the Animal Justice Party. I became an active member in 2017, and over the years I've taken on various roles - from Committee Member and State Convenor, to Board Member and Vice President (entering my third term), lead candidate, and now President.

When I'm not pushing for change for animals in the political arena, my day job as Regional Director for The Life You Can Save keeps me busy. A global non-profit founded by moral philosopher Peter Singer, The Life You Can Save is dedicated to alleviating the impacts of extreme poverty. In my not-so-spare time, I enjoy cooking (check out my Instagram!), spending time with my husband and children, playing golf, and striving for personal bests on trail runs around my home in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

Navigating the ongoing challenges stemming from the way humans treat animals, I firmly believe that our collective passion, resilience, and unity will consistently fuel positive change for animals across Australia.

I look forward to collaborating with our elected representatives, members and allies to raise further awareness about the issues we champion. Using our political influence strategically, we can secure additional seats in parliament and successfully negotiate important policy asks.

Now, more than ever, animals depend on us - and creating change through the political system is critical for a better life for all.

   For all animals,

   Louise Pfeiffer

   Animal Justice Party President



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