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Justice for Canberra's Kangaroos

The 2022 'Kangaroo Cull' is finally over.

Between May 23 and 22 July, the ACT Government authorised the slaughter of 1,650 Eastern Grey Kangaroos and their joeys across Canberra.

Shooting animals is unethical and violent. Shooting healthy, native animals is particularly unacceptable.

Unfortunately, the  Environment Minister (ACT Greens) has refused to meet with animal advocates to discuss the Party's and the government's support for this violent and lethal program.

But the Animal Justice Party is keeping the pressure on - the AJP's ACT Branch has held several rallies to pressure the government to reconsider the kangaroo cull program. And we won't stop until there is justice for Canberra's kangaroos.

The Animal Justice Party will always stand against the lethal killing of native animals and advocate for non-lethal population control measures.

If you're in or near the ACT, please join the AJP at our upcoming Vigil for Canberra's Kangaroos. More details here.

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