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Veticare in Victoria

Big News!

Andy Meddick MP's Veticare motion passes in Parliament.

There's no denying that there's an animal welfare crisis happening in Victoria.

We have a shortage of vets, and emergency after-hours clinics are closing.

This means some animals aren't being seen when they need it, or owners are having to travel a long distance to get care. In some areas, prices are going up too.

No matter where you live or how much you earn, your companion animal always deserves kind and compassionate care.

That's why Andy Meddick MP has a solution. It's called Veticare.

We have a universal healthcare system for humans: and we we think it's time for one for animals, too!

Andy's motion passed unanimously in the Victorian Parliament - which means we can start the next steps in building Veticare!

Just like we can visit our doctor with a Medicare card, Veticare creates public clinics allowing for free or low-cost appointments. Here's what else Veticare will mean:

  • Improving access, cost, and availability of proper health care for all pets and wildlife
  • stablishing government-funded public veterinary hospitals
  • Implementing a bulk-billing model for veterinary care across Australia (with a priority on concession card holders, pensioners and animal rescuers and carers) through the implementation of a Veticare Card
  • Funding places that are proven to work
  • Establishing dedicated wildlife hospitals in regional areas with wildlife-skilled vets
  • Upskilling vet nurses into nurse practitioners
  • Ensuring the retention of vets and nurses in the sector
  • Implementing better mental health support across the veterinary sector to address compassion fatigue and high rates of suicide
  • Establishing a veterinary hotline similiar to 13SICK in human healthcare

It's a world-first and would place Victoria as a leader in pet and wildlife care. We think it's a great idea (and should be rolled out Nationally!).

If you agree, please show your support by signing below: 



To learn more about the work of the Animal Justice Party in VIC, follow their socials: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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