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The Case of Animal Politics

Animal Justice Party election candidates, Louise Pfeiffer and Michael Dello-Iacovo, teamed up with Ren Springlea to explore the role of minor political parties as an advocacy strategy for animals.

Ren covers lessons from the 2022 South Australian state election, winning policy reform, influencing public agenda, and the difficulties that minor parties face in winning seats.

"The AJP's strategy of prioritising based on policy deals is an important avenue for generating political capital.

As a result, the AJP secured a series of animal policies over the next four years from the (new) government. The key policies are:

  • Amending South Australia's Animal Welfare Act
  • A commitment to increasing the transparency of reporting and monitoring in the state's slaughterhouses
  • Investment of $500,000 AUD ($375,000 USD) into research and capacity for manufacturing plant-based proteins in South Australia".

"This means that political parties can have influence well beyond their formal electoral vote. I think this might even be the most powerful pathway to change from minor political parties".

To read the full article and understand why the Animal Justice Party is dedicated to utilising the political system to achieve change for animals, go to:

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