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End the #NikeKangarooMassacre

Tell Nike to Stop Killing Kangaroos!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Global Day of Protest on 9 July to demand that Nike stop funding the killing of kangaroos.

The AJP co-hosted events across Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, sending a strong message to Nike and all who participate in the senseless slaughter of our native wildlife.

Many people travelled far and wide to join our protest efforts: so thank you for taking a stand with us.

Why are we protesting?

Every night across Australia, thousands of kangaroos are shot so that Nike can turn their skin into shoes. Even mothers with joeys in their pouches are shot down. Their shocked joeys are pulled out and ‘dispatched’, usually by having their skull crushed under the shooter’s boot or whacked on a ute tray.

The 2021 Parliamentary Inquiry found that this is driving kangaroos to extinction: a chain of local extinctions has already been reported across NSW. In Victoria we are seeing the rapid decimation of kangaroos and terrorising of the communities that love them.

Why Nike?

This nightly horror is being driven by huge profits for Nike, who use kangaroo skin to make high-end soccer boots.

Nike is a financial leader, when it comes to funding the kangaroo massacre. Nike is the world’s second biggest buyer of kangaroo skins. This demand is driving their commercial slaughter. If Nike were to cut off this funding, the commercial kangaroo industry would be seriously impacted. In fact, it would most likely no longer be viable.

Nike is a cultural leader. As one of the most popular brands in the world, with 42% of the sports brand market share, no other brand comes close to the cultural impact of Nike. When Nike makes the statement of divesting from kangaroo skins, the industry will be pressured to follow suit.

Nike is a technological leader. Nike already has highly developed, cruelty free materials for their soccer boots, such as Kanga-Lite. To divest completely from using kangaroo skins would therefore be something Nike can execute quickly and simply.

Get Involved:

Learn more about our campaigns across Australia to end the exploitation of kangaroos, and sign our petitions: Victoria | Queensland | New South Wales

Plus, keep an eye out on our social media for future events. We won't stop until kangaroos are protected!

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