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Animal Justice Party Launches Live Export Campaign

The Animal Justice Party has launched a campaign urging the Albanese government to expedite the phase-out of the live sheep trade and legislate it within its current term.
Ending the live export of sheep from Australia was a key 2022 election promise but the Albanese government has not committed to an end date for the trade, saying only that it wouldn’t happen in this term.

The Animal Justice Party’s campaign is centred around a petition to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Agriculture, calling on them to commit to an end date for the live sheep trade, legislate it this term and expedite the transition; a national letter campaign asking MPs and Senators to state where they stand on the issue, and a social media campaign.
Agriculture Minister, Murray Watt, recently announced that a new advisory panel would conduct community and industry consultations to advise him on how the phase-out should occur, and a timeline, reiterating that it won’t be in the government’s current term.

Public opinion research consistently shows that a clear majority of Australians are opposed to the live export trade. An independent poll conducted by the RSPCA in January 2022 showed that two thirds (67%) of respondents wanted live export to cease, regardless of where they lived. In fact, opposition to the live export trade was highest (at 70%) in Western Australia, which produces and exports most of the sheep sent into the live export trade.

Quotes Attributable to Angela Pollard, President

“Live export is the number one issue for Animal Justice Party members and supporters around the country, and they want to see timely, decisive action by the federal government to end it.

While the government deliberates, Australian sheep will continue to suffer, both on board live export ships during gruelling weeks-long voyages, and at the destinations, where they routinely face terrifying, fully conscious slaughter.

The live export industry claims this is world-leading animal welfare. We disagree, particularly as most live export ships leave Australia without an independent observer on board to monitor animal welfare standards.”


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