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Live export is back on the political agenda

Here's what you can do to keep it there

As you’ve no doubt seen, live export is back in the news with some long-awaited action on winding up Australia’s live sheep trade - a key Albanese government election promise.

The Minister for Agriculture, Murray Watt, announced last week that a new advisory panel will conduct a community and industry consultation to advise him on how to manage the phase-out of the live sheep trade and a timeline, reporting by 30th September 2023.

However, the government has not committed to an end date - or to legislating it in its current term.

Sheep in the live export trade need your voice.

Public consultations are now open, and the closing date for written submissions is 31st May.

Have your say by contributing a submission:

Public pressure works!

We know that live export is the number one issue for many of our members and supporters, a position that’s reflected around the country.

The Minister’s announcement on the phase-out of the live sheep trade coincided with the launch of a last-ditch industry pressure campaign aimed at weakening the Albanese government’s resolve on this issue. Public opinion research on this issue consistently shows that a clear majority of Australians, both in the cities and regional areas, are opposed to the live export trade.

They want decisive, timely action by the federal government to end it.

And the Animal Justice Party is as committed as ever to making this a reality.

We've launched our new live export campaign with a national petition to Prime Minister Albanese and Minister Watt, plus a letter campaign asking MPs to tell us where they stand on the issue.

Please sign and share the petition with your networks:

Once we've reached 40,000 signatures, we will march to Prime Minister Albanese's office and deliver it. Please keep sharing the petition to help us get there!

Live export is an issue the Animal Justice Party has always campaigned on. Our first campaign was way back in 2010, after decades of government reports and media exposés shone a light on this shameful industry.

Since then, we’ve written submissions, we’ve protested on the streets and now that we finally have a government that is willing to listen, we want to ensure our voices are heard loud and clear.

We’ve won before, and with your help, we’ll win again.

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