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Push to End Duck Shooting in Victoria

Despite public outrage, duck shooting continues every year in Victoria.

The 'sport' is morally unacceptable to the majority of Victorians, and studies show time and time again that native duck numbers are consistently declining, including threatened specices.

Yet - the Victorian Labor Government allows a duck hunting season each and every year.

Now, Animal Justice Party MP Georgie Purcell has made it her top priority in the Victorian Parliament to have the season cancelled once and for all.

"Duck shooting is one of Victoria's greatest shames" she says.
"It’s one of the most obvious and blatant forms of animal cruelty that legally exists in the state."

As a volunteer duck rescuer on the wetlands for over a decade, Georgie has witnessed first-hand the cruelty, death, wounding and maiming that duck hunting entails.

This is why she's determined to see a ban in 2023.

"The day I got elected, the media asked what my number one priority was. I said it was banning duck shooting.
The fight to end recreational duck shooting has been hard fought, and we're closer than ever before to it being won.
It's time to bring Victoria in line with WA, NSW and Queensland, and ban duck shooting."

How You Can Help

There has never been a more important time to write to your Labor MP and the Ministers responsible for duck shooting in Victoria.

Head to the Animal Justice Party Victoria's website to tell your MPs that you're in support of a ban:

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