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Have Your Say - Feral Deer Action Plan

The National Feral Deer Action Plan Working Group was formed in response to the negative ecological impacts of ‘feral’ deer. The group comprises Government and non-Government authorities, none of which advocate for the rights of animals. As a result, a deer management plan has been proposed that focuses only on different ways of killing deer, such as shooting and poisoning.

Since the aim of the plan is population control, we want you to help us advocate for non-lethal solutions.

Make a submission using our guide, and #HaveYourSay for deer.


Our great southern land hasn’t exactly been one of opportunity for these hoofed mammals. Humans introduced deer to Australia in the 19th century for hunting and farming. Like any introduced species in the wild, our deer population is harming our native wildlife and ecosystems.

Realising the need for population control, Australia has used deer as a game species for hunting, and landowners have been allowed to kill ‘problem deer’ on their property. Now, the proposed management plan intends to coordinate the mass killing of deer.

These animals will suffer from human short-sightedness.


What makes a good submission?

We’ve crafted a Submission Guide to help form your response to the proposed plan.

For this consultation, we need to stay solutions-focused. The aim of the Action Plan is long-term deer population control, so we’ve proposed non-lethal population control methods. We’ve also included our research sources if you’d like to reference them.

Remember that a good submission is one that’s:

  • Clear
  • Compelling
  • Easy to read
  • Not copied and pasted - write it in your own words!
  • Researched (with credible sources referenced, if possible)
  • Structured and formatted well, if longer

If you're short on time, even a few sentences will help to get the message across. Focus on the basics:

  • Shooting is ineffective – the population will adapt to the loss
  • Baiting is dangerous for all animals – 1080 poison doesn’t discriminate
  • Alternative suggestions: immunocontraception, presence of apex predators and guard dogs, using genetic technology and organic communication
  • Using a variety of non-lethal alternatives

The Consultation closes on Monday, 20 March 2023

How can you contribute?

     1.  Review the National Feral Deer Action Plan

     2.  Read our Submission Guide and draft a response to the plan

     3.  Provide your feedback via email to [email protected] or at


This is your chance to rewrite the future for deer in Australia.

Help us fight for kinder, effective, and non-lethal solutions to managing our deer population.


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