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Horse Racing, Jumps, Harness

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) is opposed to horse racing and the abuse of animals for “sport” and entertainment.

Key Objectives

  1. As the industry cannot be regulated, rather than push for an integrity commission, the AJP seeks to ban horse racing, including jumps and harness racing.
    Until then, interim measures include –
  2. Prohibit the carrying and use of the whip and prohibit the use of tongue ties, spurs and twitches.
  3. Prohibit the slaughter of racehorses registered under the Australian Rules of Racing (Racing Australia) and representative state and territory racing Acts. 
  4. Prohibit the racing of horses under three years of age. 
  5. Increase penalty units/ imprisonment terms for the illegal use of jiggers and doping. 
  6. Publish racehorses’ birth-to-death records in a transparent, publicly accessible database.
  7. Legislate the rehabilitation and rehoming of retired racehorses. 
  8. Decrease the number of race meetings. 
  9. Redirect government bailouts and subsidies to other sectors such as human and environmental health and education. Also use funds to assist those who work within the industry to retrain into new, non-exploitative employment.

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