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Human Population & Planning

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) recognises that our species is just one member of a wider Earth community, and supports taking direct steps to reduce the ecological impact of human populations.

The primary goal of Australia’s human population strategy must be to reduce resource use and adverse ecological impacts. Necessary changes include protecting wildlife habitat, adopting plant-based agricultural systems to replace animal agriculture, and an end to urban sprawl.

Key Objectives

  1. Significantly reduce the Australian population’s climate and ecological impact by rapidly phasing out animal agriculture and fossil fuels, among other initiatives addressing harmful consumption.
  2. Educate the public about ecological ‘overshoot’ and the negative impacts of unsustainable population growth on animals, the environment and humans.
  3. Create human settlements in harmony with wildlife and nature through biodiversity-sensitive urban design (BSUD), transport and infrastructure, while stopping urban sprawl (see our Policies on Land Clearing and Land Transport).
  4. Implement the Half-Earth Project by reserving at least half of all land and sea for nature, and keep this habitat free from human interference.
  5. Support everyone’s right to an informed choice by providing age-appropriate sex education and access to free fertility control methods (e.g., contraceptives, contragestives, vasectomies).
  6. Increase overseas aid, especially including programs for the education of women and girls.
  7. Promote a kind and culturally-diverse human community through tolerance, social connectivity and inclusion, and especially welcoming those in need (see our Positions on Equality and Asylum Seekers).

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