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National Human Resources Manager

The National Human Resources Manager is a volunteer, non-office bearer position that reports to the National Board (Board of Directors) of the Animal Justice Party.

As the National Human Resources (HR) Manager for the Animal Justice Party you will play a critical role leading and directing the routine HR functions of the Party.

The role of the National HR Manager is to:

  • Lead the process of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding and training new national volunteers and employees;
  • Manage the talent acquisition process for the advertising and sourcing of national volunteers and employees;
  • Support employee and volunteer opportunities for professional development;
  • Organise performance evaluations for employees in consultation with the Director of HR;
  • Liaise with the Director and/or Manager for Internal Disputes to manage employee or volunteer issues and concerns where appropriate; and
  • Develop, implement and update HR policies, procedures and processes in line with best practice.

You will also have the responsibility to:

  • Create and update position descriptions;
  • Maintain records of national volunteer recruitment;
  • Support State and Territory Committees with HR responsibilities including developing position descriptions and processes for recruiting, interviewing and inducting new volunteers;
  • Ensure all employment practices comply with national and state regulations;
  • Liaise with the National Training Manager to develop training programs for new volunteers and employees; and
  • Provide monthly reports and advice to the Director of HR.

Please read the full Position Description below.