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Everyone has the right to safe and secure housing.

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) supports rapidly increasing the supply of social (including public and community) and affordable housing to meet demand, in consultation with housing and homelessness experts. We support amendments to tenancy laws to increase legal protections for people who rent by prohibiting 'no grounds' evictions, protecting the rights of people to rent with animals and limiting rental increases to ensure they are fair and in line with CPI and cost of living expenses. We also support making it easier for tenants to enforce their rights and to access longer term leases.

The AJP supports strengthening legislation and improving the system to allow tenants to more easily access repairs and maintenance in social housing. The AJP also supports allowing tenants to more easily co-install eco initiatives in rental properties (e.g. solar panels or low-flow taps).

The AJP also supports reforming tax laws and planning policies to increase the availability and affordability of housing across metropolitan, rural and regional areas, without increasing urban sprawl.

The AJP recognises that particular groups of people face barriers to accessing housing. Those groups include, but are not limited to, First Nations people, young people, older women, people living with disability and/or mental health concerns, people escaping domestic and family violence, LGBTIQ+ people, tenants with animals, and people on low incomes. We support an increase in funding for specialist homelessness, social and legal services that support people who are, or are at risk of, experiencing homelessness.

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