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Emma's Wins in NSW

Minor parties, including the Animal Justice Party, are often asked, 'how much can you really achieve?'

The answer is: a lot! The Animal Justice Party's wins are consistently mounting.

With elected representatives in Victoria and NSW, we have been able to affect real change for animals and the environment by pushing the major parties and holding them accountable.

Without Animal Justice Party MP's in Parliament, there would be no voice for animals.

Emma Hurst and the Animal Justice Party NSW has demonstrated this, with an incredibly successful term in the NSW State Parliament so far.

Here's a snapshot of what Emma and her team have secured so far:

  • Ended the use of cetaceans (dolphins/whales etc) for entertainment
  • Ensured 8-fold increases in penalties for animal abuse
  • Obtained mandatory lifetime animal bans for serious abusers
  • Outlawed convenience killing in pounds
  • Banned the production, possession, and distribution of bestiality and animal crush videos
  • Had animals included on ADVOs
  • Amended the Working With Children Check system to ensure animal abusers cannot work with children
  • Changed laws to recognise the link between animal abuse and domestic violence
  • Secured funding for refuges to build facilities to house animals escaping violence
  • Secured interim animal bans while abusers are still in court
  • Obtained $2.8 million in budget funding to eradicate wombat mange
  • Stopped by-laws banning animals in strata complexes
  • Worked with multiple Councils to ban the sale of fur
  • Raised $33k for animal sanctuaries during the bushfires
  • Condemned the Agriculture Minister for refusing to ban battery cages
  • Initiated multiple inquiries into animal protection issues

It is clear that the influence of the AJP is growing, and our demands are being taken seriously by the major parties.

Thank you for your support to ensure we can continue our important work to make the world a better place for animals, people and the planet.

To learn more about the work of the Animal Justice Party in NSW, follow their socials: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter