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The Animal Justice Party (AJP) believes that the exploitation of animals is not only unnecessary but detrimental to education. Furthermore, whilst education is a right that should be respected, it should not come at the expense of the suffering of other species, particularly given that there are always alternatives.

Many aspects of our education system implicitly mold student values, starting at the canteen and extending into science classes. The AJP will formulate programs across all areas to foster kindness and non-violence towards all beings.

Key Objectives

  1. To implement programs that increase and support positive interactions between students and wildlife, rescued farmed and companion animals such as volunteer days and placements at shelters and sanctuaries.
  2. To place more focus on critical thinking and experiential learning, such as through charity and community service work, reducing the focus on standardised testing and providing teachers with the autonomy to lesson plan according to the needs of their students.
  3. To teach students nutritional science and convey the discoveries of recent years about the welfare, nutritional and environmental benefits of plant based eating.
  4. To ensure that all students have a good understanding of environmental science, including climate science.
  5. To facilitate plant based foods in all school, university and TAFE cafeterias, accompanied by research into impacts on student health and behaviour.
  6. To explain the realities of modern intensive and extensive farming systems and remove education programs provided by industry organisations. Education must be free of financial conflicts of interest.
  7. To increase awareness of the links between domestic violence and animal cruelty and to teach the social and emotional skills required to promote non-violence. Access to helplines and information must be readily available.
  8. To teach students how politics, law and ethics operate to guide our society including an operational understanding of our voting systems.
  9. To replace animal dissection with virtual or physical model alternatives.

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