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Declare a Climate Emergency

The climate crisis is here. Australia is already growing warmer, experiencing changes in rainfall, catastrophic bushfires and witnessing rising sea levels. The devastating bushfires of 2019-20 placed our wildlife on a fast-track to extinction, with nearly three billion animals perishing.

Fossil fuels, including coal, are the most talked-about emitters of greenhouse gases. However, deforestation and animal agriculture are lesser-known major contributors. It’s time for Australia to move away from these destructive industries.

One way to unify the nation’s goal in tackling the climate crisis is by declaring a national climate emergency. The Animal Justice Party will work for this declaration and is the only political party willing to stand up against all causes of climate change, including animal agriculture.

Please add your name and details to our petition for the government to:

  1. Declare a climate emergency
  2. Commit to system-wide change which includes;
    • Investment in agriculture to farming communities, to transition towards plant-based farming enterprises that are healthier for animals, people, and the planet.
    • Introduction of legislation to remove subsidies on industries that damage our climate. ie coal, gas and animal agriculture.

Declare a Climate Emergency

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