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Animal Law

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) seeks a new legal framework for animals which protects their right to live free from human harm.

Key Objectives

  1. Establish a designated Minister for Animal Protection in all federal, state and territory governments who would oversee the administration and enforcement of animal protection legislation.
  2. Abolish the property status of animals and introduce uniform legislation that recognises animal sentience and protects animals from harm (for more on sentience, see our Animal Definition Policy).
  3. Until uniform animal protection legislation is in place, we will also campaign to remove and prohibit exemptions and ambiguities that allow animal cruelty to occur (for example, codes of practice for the ‘welfare’ of farmed animals).
  4. Introduce a publicly-funded Independent Office of Animal Protection (IOAP) in each state and territory to oversee and enforce the new legislation and at a federal level with the responsibility to coordinate and provide national leadership on animal protection.
  5. Facilitate information sharing between law enforcement agencies to stamp out animal abuse and interpersonal violence.
  6. Review Australia’s international trade treaties and challenge any provisions that undermine animal protection.
  7. Advocate for an international treaty on animal rights.

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