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Planet Policy

The Climate Emergency

The AJP is the only political party with policies that comprehensively take into account all sources of emissions, including the impact of animal agriculture and land clearing on the global climate, and...

Planet Policy


The AJP Climate Change policy supports any clean energy source because the consequences to all animals of further climate destabilisation will be dire (see climate change fact sheet). But not all clean...

Planet Policy

Great Barrier Reef

For thirty years the biggest factor affecting the Great Barrier Reef has been the increased sediment and fertiliser carried into reef waters by all the rivers flowing eastwards in far north Queensland. This sediment...

Planet Policy

Land Clearing

The AJP considers Australia’s land clearing rates to be both an environmental and animal welfare disaster. We propose to reverse land clearing by addressing the underlying causes. Animal agriculture is overwhelmingly the...

Planet Policy

Natural Gas

Fossil fuels, including natural gas, will not be part of any final clean energy solution to climate change. It makes no sense to transition to natural gas, only to have to replace...

Planet Policy


The AJP aims to eliminate food waste and environmental pollution while reducing energy and material use. We support recycling and a “circular economy” where these have positive impacts. We recognise that the...