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National Campaigns Manager

The National Campaigns Manager is a volunteer, non-office bearer position that reports to the National Board (Board of Directors) of the Animal Justice Party.

As the National Campaigns Manager for the Animal Justice Party you will play a critical role in enabling the party to achieve its core objectives in the development and management of political campaigns at national, state and local government levels.

The position of National Campaigns Manager has the following responsibilities:

  • Manage a National Campaign Working Group/s to execute strategic political advocacy campaigns, which have a national focus and/or assist our Members of Parliament and Local Government;
  • Chair National Campaign Working Group meetings as required;
  • Monitor and evaluate campaigns to ensure they progress towards the desired outcomes;
  • Recruit, train, develop and mentor Members to improve the capability of campaigners within the Party at national, state, territory and local levels;
  • Ensure that all AJP campaigns (national, state-territory and local) comply with AJP Policy and Direction, are endorsed by the Board and are collaborative and congruent across all levels and regions;
  • Liaise with key stakeholders whose knowledge and expertise would contribute to campaigns and/or policy to achieve positive outcomes for animals and the environment;
  • Oversee research for supporting evidence for campaigns;
  • Ensure national and state websites have pages dedicated to campaigns, submissions and other content that supports national campaigns; and
  • Provide monthly reports and advice to the Director of Advocacy.

Please read the full Position Description below.