Our Committee

Committee Office Bearers


Professor Steve Garlick MCom, PhD, FAUCEA
Steve has professorial positions at two universities and is an international expert in spatial economics and university/ community engagement. He has an extensive publication record, and undertaken many country reviews for international and national agencies.  He is an economist and applied ethicist specialising in wildlife welfare and sits on a number of international and national boards.  In 2009 with wife Rosemary, Steve was internationally recognised with the World Shining Compassion Award for the work he does rehabilitating severely injured wildlife.  With Rosemary, Steve runs a wildlife recovery and research centre for macropods and wombats.  Together they have rescued more than 1500 injured wild animals, rehabilitated more than 600 and returned many of these back to the wild.  Steve is the current president of the Animal Justice Party.


Mark Pearson is Executive Director of Animal Liberation in Australia. He is employed full time via funds from the Christina Fitzsimons Trust. Before this he had been Team Leader of the Newcastle Community Mental Health Service in Newcastle and worked as a Clinical Acute Adult Psychiatric Nurse Specialist. In his current position the main focus is on farm animals – particularly factory farming for the past 18 years and recently kangaroos. Two recent successes have been in relation to sheep and kangaroos. The phase out of the most invasive mutilation of any animal without analgesia – ‘mulesing’ in sheep and convincing the Russian Federation to ban imports of kangaroo meat by exposing inherent cruelty and hygiene problems. He enjoys opera – even trying to sing some- and stopping live export death ships from entering Australian ports.


Kerry Hewson comes from an accounting background and works in that field. Importantly, she has been a long time advocate for the rights of animals and has campaigned tirelessly for animal welfare.

She has been involved in many local, state, interstate and federal animal welfare campaigns and remains active in the space.

She is also a long standing member of a number of animal rights groups in Australia.



Anna Hall has worked in health care in both clinical and management roles, overseas and now in Sydney.
With her late husband, Anna recently founded Companion Rabbit Advocates, in an effort to improve the lives of these marginalised creatures. She also campaigns for other sentient beings. This includes running a monthly animal activism stall, giving presentations, having articles published and assisting other animal rights and welfare organisations. Anna is currently Secretary of Animal Liberation NSW and Treasurer of the Animal Justice Party. Anna has just recently (October 2012) been elected to the Animals Australia Executive.


General Committee Members



Sylvia Cooper lives on the Gold Coast with her husband, Ray, and their cat, Gem. She and Ray have been running a solar power and water heating business there since 1997. Prior to that Sylvia worked from home as a homoeopath in Canberra where she was an active member of Animal Liberation, serving as president for a time. She is also a member of Animals Australia and has served as a co editor of their magazine.

Her association with Animal Liberation began in 1979 after seeing a brochure describing the tortures inflicted on animals in LD50 and Draize tests. Her belief that society’s interaction with animals should be based on respect for their capacity to suffer pain, stress, trauma, hunger, thirst, boredom, grief and loneliness motivated her to join the Animal ustice Party. She hopes one day to see animals given legal protection from entrenched industry and institutional abuse. 

Bruce Poon lives in Melbourne with his partner Fiona. He has a Bachelor of Science and runs a business providing project management services  in the technology sphere. Bruce also established a non-profit organisation that takes young Australians around the world to participate in community work, for which he was provided an outstanding achievement award from the Governor of Victoria. OzQuest ran for 10 years and has now morphed into Aussie Action Abroad. He has belonged to a number of ‘thinking’ societies and wrote, produced and directed the play  ’Prelude, Ant Fugue’, exploring how the mind works through music, art and dialogue. Bruce is a Fellow of the Williamson Community Leadership Programme and served as a member of the Board of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Victoria. He has provided coaching and life planning assistance to young people in schools and other youth forums.

He has been vegetarian or vegan since 1986, and worked on promoting compassionate, healthy and environmentally sound diets for much of that time. He lectures in Australia and overseas on the environmental impact of diet, and created with Vegetarian Victoria the educational brochure ‘Eating up the World’ which is in its third reprint and has been distributed widely. Bruce is a keen supporter of a number of animal campaigns, and thinks that it is time for animals to have a voice in our parliaments and councils.