Our Constitution

AJP Constitution with 2012 amendments

ANIMAL JUSTICE PARTY INC. CONSTITUTION – for a full version, please download our pdf file



 (a) To seek the election or appointment to parliaments of the states, territories and Commonwealth of Australia, of people committed to the principles of the Animal Justice Party Charter.

(b) To promote the election to the Commonwealth Senate or to the Commonwealth House of Representatives of candidates endorsed by the Animal Justice Party.

(c) To develop and implement policies consistent with the principles expressed in the Animal Justice Party Charter

(d) To encourage members to take part in policy development for the Animal Justice Party

(e) To support and assist in the individual and public educational processes necessary to develop an understanding of animal issues

(f) To promote cruelty-free behaviour in the community

(g) To expand the membership of the Animal Justice Party

(h) To organise activities which publicise and further the aims of the Animal Justice Party

(i) To engage with other organisations with aims consistent with those of the Animal Justice Party

Part 1 Preliminary

 1 Definitions

(1)   In these rules:

Committee means the governing Committee of the Party elected under these rules.

Constitution of the Party means these rules read with the Objects of the Party and the Charter of the Party.

Director-General means the Director-General of the Department of Fair Trading.

Meeting where it refers to a meeting of the Committee includes a meeting by telephone conference, video conference or any means of instantaneous communication agreed by the Committee.

Member means a person admitted to Membership under these rules who has made any payments to the Party required by these rules.

Ordinary member means a member of the Committee who is not an office bearer of the Party, as referred to in rule 14 (2).

Party means the Animal Justice Party Inc. (or AJP)

Proscribed Organisation means any organisation determined to be such an organization by majority vote of the Committee.

Secretary means the person holding office under these rules as secretary of the Party.

Special General Meeting means a general meeting of the Party other than an annual general meeting.

Voting Member means a Member who has been designated by the Committee as a voting member.

The Act means the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.

(1)   In these rules:

(a) a reference to a function includes a reference to a power, authority and duty, and

(b) a reference to the exercise of a function includes, if the function is a duty, a reference to the performance of the duty.

(3) The provisions of the Interpretation Act 1987 apply to and in respect of these rules in the same manner as those provisions would so apply if these rules were an instrument made under the Act.

(4)   References to statutes in these rules are references to statutes of New South Wales.

(5) The Constitution of the Party identifies the principles governing the conduct of the Party’s affairs and the persons responsible for implementing them.

(6) All other Party documents are subordinate to the Constitution of the Party.

Part 2 Membership

2 Membership qualifications

Membership of the Party shall be open to any person who:

(i) accepts and abides by the Constitution of the Party,

(ii) who is not a current member of any other political party,

(iii) who is not a Member of a Proscribed Organisation,

(iv) who has been nominated for Membership of the Party according to rule 3, and

(v) approved for Membership of the Party by the Committee.

For the avoidance of doubt, if a person applies for Membership of the Party and is at the time he or she makes the application a member of a Proscribed Organisation, but does not communicate this fact to the Committee, that person’s application is null and void.

3 Nomination for Membership

(1)   A person wishing to apply for membership of the Party:

(a) must apply in writing using the form as approved by the Committee, and

(b) must lodge the form with the Secretary.

(2)   As soon as practicable after receiving a nomination for Membership, the Secretary must refer the nomination to the Committee which is to determine whether to approve or to reject the nomination.

(3)   As soon as practicable after the Committee makes that determination, the Secretary must:

(a) notify the nominee, in writing, that the Committee approved or rejected the nomination (whichever is applicable), and

(b) if the Committee approved the nomination, request the nominee to pay (within the period of 28 days after receipt by the nominee of the notification) the sum payable under these rules by a Member as entrance fee and annual subscription.

(4) The Secretary must, on payment by the nominee of the amounts referred to in clause (3) (b) within the period referred to in that provision, enter the nominee’s name in the register of Members and, on the name being so entered, the nominee becomes a Member.