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A very big thank you to all our members and supporters across the country who voted for the AJP in this, our very first federal election.  A more formal newsletter of thanks and results from our party president will be issued shortly and whilst the full senate count is still incomplete, the Animal Justice Party [...]

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Another sad, disgraceful chapter in animal abuse in Tasmania

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The  Hobart Mercury has revealed the battle it was forced to undertake to obtain photographs and video footage of animal ‘researchers’ spraying ‘super-strength’ capsicum spray into the eyes of terrified and distressed caged fur seals in 2008, having earlier reported the matter last August. Just five photographs were released, and, given the extreme nature of [...]

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Why the AJP matters – justice for a baby kangaroo

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The following information has been provided by the Australian Society for Kangaroos, describing how the Victorian courts have dealt with men who tortured and killed a terrified baby kangaroo: JUDGE AGREES TO RELEASE OF SICKENING FOOTAGE Shannon Deery Herald Sun November 09, 2012 12:00AM Kangaroo killer avoids jail sentence A MAN charged with animal cruelty [...]

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AJP Media Release – the tragic sheep in Pakistan

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Like tens of thousands of decent, caring, hardworking Australians, the Animal Justice Party (AJP) is appalled by the horror shown on the Four Corners program ‘Another Bloody Business’ on Monday night.                   (Picture: Animals Australia) Presented by respected and veteran journalist Kerry O’Brien, Walkley Award and Voiceless [...]

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Four Corners Final Program for 2012 – ‘Another Bloody Business’

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Four Corners’ 2011 expose of the brutal mistreatment of Australian cattle in Indonesia shocked many and had far reaching consequences for the live export trade. Tough new regulations were introduced to protect the welfare of Australian animals shipped overseas for slaughter. But weeks ago news emerged from Pakistan of a brutal cull of 20,000 Australian [...]

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