Western Australia

Katrina Love

Katrina is the Campaign Manager and Coordinator for Stop Live Exports, a Fremantle-based, incorporated community organisation which was formed in 1995 and is dedicated to ending live export and cruelty in animal transport. She has been involved in this campaign for nearly 10 years and is well-versed on all aspects of the trade and the abuses animals within it suffer on a regular and ongoing basis.


“For too long, the treatment of animals in this world has been worsening, and that worsening treatment is now spiralling out of control with a hungry, animal-protein-dependant world to feed, and a human population to house, into a full blown epidemic of cruelty, callousness, or worse, indifference.        

Although my focus is on ending live animal exports I am also passionate about marine conservation (shark-finning and the decimation of shark populations world-wide in particular), and all injustices towards our fellow Earthlings; I’m serious about making a change for the better through political process.

I believe we owe it to those we share this planet with, to treat them with the respect, dignity and consideration we would have shown to us – we are different species, not different matter.”

Through her role as WA’s lead candidate for the AJP, Katrina looks forward to putting much needed pressure on government to improve the current cruel practices surrounding Australia’s treatment of animals.




Alicia Sutton

Alicia is a marine scientist, holding a BSc (Hons), and currently undertaking a PhD in the marine science field. She is a keen diver and has had ‘hands on’ experience with conservation projects, in Australia and overseas.

A long time vegetarian, now vegan, Alicia is aware of the importance of and statement made by her consumer choices and does not support products or events that involve animal cruelty.

“I believe people need to stop ignoring the reality of what animals go through in order to provide for humans, and that with a loud enough voice, we can push for a better and respected existence for all animals. 

It is time to step up and represent animals within the political system, and the Animal Justice Party can lead the way for positive action”.