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This afternoon, Prime Minister Julia Gillard  announced that Australia will go to the polls on September 14 to elect our next parliament. All three main parties have comprehensively failed animals. Labor and the Coalition knowingly promote animal cruelty to farm and native animals and even the Greens have taken twenty years to say anything against the grotesque live trade in farm animals. Not one of the three main parties have done anything to stop the world’s largest land-based slaughter of native animals in the iconic kangaroo. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the brutality inflicted by humans on non-human animals and simultaneously expect that we can have a society that is just, an environment that is sustainable, and economic processes that are fair and ethical. The main parties just do not get it. Support for the Animal Justice Party will push the main parties to do much more to enhance animal welfare.

Please help The Animal Justice Party get to Canberra.



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